Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ipod or not Ipod

For those who noted my post about the cheap MP3 player, well the latest update is that, Mr Hongchu1126, refunded me in full as I requested, after I posted a paypal dispute claiming the item was not fit for purpose, i.e. it should recharge the battery to be able to play tunes when not plugged into a computer!!.

It's a shame though that i also requested that Mr Hongchu1126, send me the cost of posting the item back to Hong Kong, which I will happily do....when he send me the postage.

I have to moan here, its appalling that we (the consumer) is always expected to run around after the retailer when they sell us faulty or shoddy goods, I have lost count the number of times my wife has returned goods to tesco, or I have returned goods to PC World or Dixon's, all of these have the same symptons, i.e. we buy the goods expecting it to do what it says on the box, we get them home (so far I'm happy to take the cost), we then unwrap the item, discard the instructions (in some cases, but not always) and proceed to make the item work, only to find that it doesn't.

Then what follows is a call to the shop (normally involving a long queue in an automated queuing system, followed by a hacked off teenager that knows best), then a trip the next day, to get back to the store manager, and convince another teenager, that the item really is faulty, and we are not just being silly!!(now this has involved more precious time, the cost of driving back to the store and the inconvenience), then eventually we get the option of a full refund or a replacement, if we want to take another chance on the goods working!.

Anyway, I will hold this useless MP3 player as ransom until Mr Hongchu1126 pays for the postage back to Hong Kong.

In the meantime, I'm bidding on a refurbished Ipod (With warranty and in the UK) on ebay.

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