Monday, March 19, 2007

The Jewellers

This morning we had some time, so my wife had been through her Jewellry box and picked up a few peices that needed repairing, so we thought we'd nip into the jewellers while in town and get a few things done.

Well, I dont believe it...

We had..

  • 4 Watches that needed batteries

  • A gold chain that was broken (a very old one)

  • A gold bracelet that needed a safety chain put back on

  • A silver bracelet that needed a new clasp

The bit that got me going was the watches, each new battery will cost £5.99, but.... if the watch has a waterproof seal,  if we want to keep it waterproof, it will cost an additional £4.99.

That's like taking your car to the garage and being charged extra to put the bonnet back on the car after an engine lift, even though it had one on when it was driven in to the garage.

Things went down hill from there, we were kept waiting for an incredible amount of time, so I started looking around.

The first thing I noticed was that the shop had undergone a recent makeover, yep in the race to make things better, thay had ripped out the old counters that were placed around the 3 sides of the shop, where evrybody could have a little privacy while making their purchase, and people could queue in an orderly fashion, to a carousel, where by everybody is facing the middle, hence the store assistants never knew who was next to be served?, also I noticed that while I was waiting, with the new system they had of tracking all sales, every time a purchase was made, the request came from the centre, "Post Code please", followed by the purchasers post code, then, "House Number", followed by the persons house number, then, yep, last of all, "Name" followed by the persons surname, I now had enough to consider identity theft....., who knows who was listening, but each time a shop full of strangers heard all the details.

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