Monday, March 19, 2007

MP3 Player at last (and it works)

mp4pic1nokqk7.thumbnail After all the hassle with my Chinese MP3 Player, I decided to go to a seller on eBay that is in the UK, the MP3 layer is still a Chinese import, but at least when it goes wrong I can speak to someone in the same language and the same time zone.

After some basic testing the player seems to do what it's supposed to, so overall, I'm happy with it.

Although, i will wait a few more days before leaving feedback on eBay.

When the item arrived this morning, I heard a great noise as it fell in the floor, the postman had a real job getting it through the letterbox, i was actually expecting a knock on the door and a request for a signature, but the item had been posted first class only and not recorded, so I expect the postman though he couldn't knock on the door, and the letterbox was a must!.

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