Sunday, March 11, 2007

You get what you pay for

Recently i have been into MP3 players, the main reason is because i have started to keep fit, and while exercising, its good to listen to my own musiv on an MP3 player.

sd_card_mp3_player_blk_g.thumbnail I while ago i bought a really cheap one, but it only had 128 MB of memory on it, so after 2 CD's it was full, not much good to me really, so i looked on ebay, and in my enthusiasm, ended up buying 2 cheap mp3 players.

The first was really cheap, but it requires that you install a SD card up to 2 GB, well i only have a spare card with abou 256 MB, so i will use that, the product is ok, it cost me £5, and i'd say it was worth it, its a Suresmooth 23 player, and it does what it says on the box.

At the same tim i started to bid on a 1GB MP3/MP4 player this one was unbranded but claimed to use samsung memory, although shipped from Hong Kong, it actually turned up within the week, so i was quite happy, i loaded all my music on it, only to find out that even 1 Gb was not enough!, anyway, i stuck it on charge and left it for a while, and assumed it was charging.6039_1_b.thumbnail

After a while i started to play back some music while working in the garden etc, after a couple of hours it stopeed, up until this point i had been quite happy, the item had only cost me £21 including shipping.

I put the item back on charge and noticed that the power was not staying on ! hmm looks like its not charging...

My fears are correct, after leaving on charge for nearly 10 hours, it still does not have enough charge to play more that half a track!

So i have emailed the seller on ebay to see if they will replace the item, although i dont think i should pay to return the item if it is faulty!, Their ebay listings promise email responses with 48 hours... well see, luckilly i paid with paypal, so if i have mo luck i will register a dispute with paypal and test out the paypall buyer protection program.

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