Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Found the problem with A

I was beginning to get really worried about my ability to blow a good note, I had seemed to made some good progress so far with the notes I had learned except for A.SDC10137

So looking more closely at the key depressions I noticed the fault, when pressing the fingers for A, one of the pads had lost a cork, and therefore the pad was not covering the hole properly, causing the airy effect and hollow flat sound, at last I knew the cause.

I quickly called the music shop where I had hired the sax from, allegro, and explained the issue, the owner was quite surprised, which I found odd, as this is a well documented feature of this particular brand of saxophone.
anyway I have arranged to take the sax back tomorrow morning for a “while I wait” repair.

Meanwhile I made up a quick fix with a piece of rubber and an elastic band, It seemed to work for the day, and kept me able to practice for a while longer.

soon I may even post some mp3 recordings of my progress, if I feel confident enough.

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