Monday, June 22, 2009

Found a Teacher, First Lesson Free

Well now I have a saxophone, what I really need is some lessons.

After looking up a number of directories on the web, and a list that was given to my by the owner of the shop where I have hired my sax from, I finally found a teacher that fitted all the criteria.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Fairly local
  • Free Lesson Slot on a Sunday (close to 3 O.clock)
  • relevant experience

With the first few I called they were either too busy, or too expensive or too far away (or all of the above).

Finally I called a Michal Bredik, he is primarily a clarinet teacher, but also teaches saxophone, but he was able to teach me in my own home, on a Sunday (late afternoon) and was reasonably priced.

After a quick chat and a few texts, Michal was able to offer me a free trail lesson on the same day, now that's what I call dedication, the deal is, if we both get on as teacher / pupil, we continue the relationship, if not we part, thankfully we both got on well and i think we will have a good teacher / pupil relationship, i am looking forward to my future lessons.

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