Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Sax or Bad Sax?

When I made the decision to learn the sax, I did some research on the web to see what was a good sax, what was a bad sax and what should I be paying for a sax to learn on?

It seems that everyone has an opinion, especially people that sell saxophones!, anyway I had been looking at a site called the sax shop, this site seemed to have some opinions about cheap Indian and Chinese imports, but suggested some of their own saxes for starter kits.

Anyway, time went on and I eventually ended up in the Allegro music shop in Oxford, where I bought a Bauhaus Walstien Tenor Saxophone, assured by the owner that these are probably the best saxes in the starter range, and indeed offered me recommendations from other professional saxophonists that they were good. or was it just a sales pitch?(no pun intended).

Anyway, my new music teacher had not heard of these saxophones, so I went back to the web, so far all my research show is that they seem pretty good but with some minor problems with cork, I have already experienced this, so will probably take it in for a quick repair at the weekend.

meanwhile I am having a real problem blowing an A. B is fine and so is C and G ( that's as far as I have got after only one lesson), so maybe I should get this checked out too ( or is is just my blowing that is poor).

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