Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Phone – Android G2

See full size imageAs you will probably remember i work in the IT industry and as a result i often keep my eye on what technologies are available and how they could potentially be used with the business that i work for.
Recently i thought that it was about time i looked for a new phone with our current supplier (Vodafone), and was pointed towards the HTC magic, also marketed as the android G2.
I was unimpressed when i heard that HTC were the manufacturer as they have not really managed a good business phone in the past, the HTC touch diamond looked good but had such poor battery performance made it an almost unusable device.

So how would the HTC Magic compare?

well on first view it looks good, feels good and the spec seems to support all the things you would expect, until of course you try to use them…

here are the weaknesses I have found so far:

  • Bluetooth, although the device support Bluetooth 2, it is very –basic, for example, it does not support Bluetooth dial up networking, this means that i can hook it up to my tomtom satnav to get traffic updates.
    It does support audio though so will hook up to the car audio system for hands free calling, however it does not allow the sending of contacts via Bluetooth, another major weakness.
  • Email, although the specification states support for exchange email, it appears to be missing,what's more the guys at Vodafone could not tell me why, even though they expected the phone to support exchange.

overall the device is nice to use and seems to be a real competitor to the iphone, however at a cost, is the phone really worth £370? i don't think so.

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