Monday, June 8, 2009

We’re getting a dog…

For some time now, our daughter has been asking the question all parents dread.. “Can i have a dog”.
Both of us have grown up ourselves with pets in the family as well as dogs, so are well aware of the responsibility as well as the fun and friendship that can be gained from a family pet.

we have always had some form of small pet to get our daughter into the mindset of looking after a pet, such as a hamster & our current pet, Henry the guinea pig.

up until now we have always said, that our daughter can have a dog for her 13th birthday, as hopefully by then she will be both strong enough and mature enough to cope with looking after a dog, however!!, after 3 years of asking, we have finally decided that we will get a dog now, after our next holiday in July.

we have no idea what we are going to get, other that it will most likely be a rescue dog, so in the meantime we must start preparing to secure the garden and all the other preparations to make the home dog friendly.

and of course, start to register with some dog rescue organisations.