Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Social Media

It seems the the whole world has been put into a spin over social media site.

Every where we look now, we have social media, most people with access to a computer are using this as a tool to keep their friends updated with what they are doing via the use of twitter, others are using facebook to keep in touch with friends and family that may be spread over a wider geographical area.

From a business perspective, it seems that Linkedin is the place to be, where you can allow your network connections to be visible by others in your network, this system seems to be a multi level network system, and also has the ability to allow direct contact with either people you are connected to or people you are not.

Social media has to be seen as a positive tool, in the ever changing world we live in, this is just another mechanism that we can use to stay in touch and build up our social circle.

The question is, is this just another fad, that will become outdated? or will it be a base that other applications both business and personal will be built on.

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