Tuesday, September 15, 2009

After another check-up, F# is back!

this morning I called allegro of oxford to see if I could get an expert opinion on my missing F#.

The owner of Allegro was very good, as usual and offered to take a look at it today.
Apparently the proprietor has a colleague that carries out the repairs on a Tuesday and Thursday, so I took the opportunity and rushed home, picked up my Sax and took it in for a check-up.

After a quick look, it did seem that something was wrong, but it only became apparent when the instrument was played, when putting a light down the tube, there seemed to be no indication of leeks.

After a bit of a play, the octave key looked like it could do with a bit more play, so this was adjusted.

Then to test it myself I had a play, as soon as I did the professional ear of both these experts noticed that I was playing with a hard reed (I have been using Rico Royal 3.5), this seemed a bit hard, in fact it was referred to as a plank of wood.

So calling on over 50 years of experience I moved to the recommended reed which was a Vandoren Java 2.5 (in a red box), this gave a much better sound, it also showed that maybe the reed I was playing with was a bit hard, and this may have exaggerated the missing F# problem.

Anyway watch this space, the debut mp3 will be coming soon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The Trouble with F#

After the initial problem I had with the dodgy “A” key a while back it seems that I now have a similar problem with the “F#” key.

When trying to play a low “E” or “F#” (and sometime “G”) it feels like I cannot get the tone, the sound is “A bit Airy”.

At first I though maybe this is me? am I not holding the correct embouchure?

Is my reed damaged?

Well after checking these out and asking my tutor to take a look at the Sax, it seems that the problem is the Sax, not the player.

Of course as a relative beginner, this is good news to me, as at first I just thought it was me.

So it looks like another trip to Allegro in oxford, and a longer wait for that first MP3 of my progress so far.

Hopefully it will be worth the wait!