Monday, February 15, 2010

Comet Head Office

Oh Dear, They’re not Listening.

Well after getting no satisfaction from Emma King, the Store Manager at Comet Oxford, I decided to go to the next stage, head office Customer Services.

I spoke to an adviser called Charlotte, she seemed very nice and understanding, I explained my issues with the returned product, that fact that I felt i had been robbed of £7 by the store under their returns policy and the way that I had been treated by the staff, I have even referred to CCTV footage of the incident, but no-one seems interested.

Anyway, I also explained to Charlotte, my conversations with Emma King, who apparently has the final say if I get my £7 back or not.

Charlotte put my call on hold and then called the store to speak with Emma, I was hoping that she would have better luck than I had, as it had taken me all morning to get to speak to Emma, she is clearly a busy woman, I wonder if it is dealing with customer complaints?.

Anyway, a few minutes later Charlotte returned having successfully spoken to Emma, it seems now Emma is taking my complaint seriously regarding the way her staff treated my (and my family), but still wont give me back the £7 that Comet have stolen from me.

Apparently when Emma has dealt with her staff issue, she will call me to explain the situation.

I’ll Keep you all informed, meantime feel free to become a fan of my new facebook page (in the right hand sidebar) to try and get Comet to realise that Customers are important.

My complaint regarding the £7 is now at the stage where I have to write in to complain referring to the verbal complaints I have logged already, so even now it seems that as long as Comet are happy with my money that they have stolen (that's £7), then i don't matter.

Still maybe I could spread the work of my experience on some social media sites, I'm not saying it will make a big difference, but unlike me, others will be informed before parting with their money to Comet.

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