Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Interesting Fact about Comets Returns Policy!

While awaiting a response from Comet's customer services department I couldn't help reflecting over the events of the last couple of days, in particular the Comet store returns policy.

When I returned the product, the first thing the customer service representative did was to un-box it and plugs it in, almost as an immediate test to rebuff any claim the customer might make.

I have to note, I have never seen this in other stores.

021710_2121_Interesting1 Anyway, it was clear in my case that the product worked, but I thought, what would happen if I had stated that after 3 hours the item got so hot it began to smoke, but it only happened after 3 hours.
Would I have to wait in the shop for 3 hours watching to prove my point, or would I have just got a full refund immediately as the product was faulty?

The other view you could take, is that when returning a product to Comet for whatever reason, you could make sure that it is faulty, or would fail the "lets plug it in and take a look" test.

I would not recommend the latter, but it does make you think.

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