Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Letter to Comet

Dear Sir / Madam:

This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Comet customer service representatives at the Oxford Botley store, named Ben, Richard and Emma King (Store Manager).

I purchased a product on the 13th February 2010 at the store, the product in my opinion was not fit for purpose, as it was an alarm clock radio, but had a backlit screen that prevented me from sleeping as it was too bright.

I returned the product to the store on Sunday the 14th February 2010, and requested a full refund as the product was not as described or expected, i.e. the product did not specify the number of lumens it would use to illuminate the room.

The first representative (Richard) explained that I was not entitled to a full refund under Comet's returns policy, so I asked to see the senior manager on site, this was someone called Ben.

Ben re-iterated what Richard had said, but came over in a threatening manner, in the following conversation, Ben was extremely rude to me, I also felt threatened by him in the way he spoke to me.

I eventually left the store with no choice but to accept a refund less 10% restocking charge, at this point I felt that I had been robbed.

After I insisted, Ben finally gave me the details of the Store Manager, Emma King, so I could call her on Monday morning.

Before I left the store I asked Ben if he thought he had given me good customer service, he replied "I have given what is required", clearly he did not believe this to be good.

On Monday after 3 attempts of calling Emma King and leaving messages and awaiting a call back I finally received a call at 1:30PM, Emma was adamant that she was not going to refund the 10% re-stocking charge, and basically said, that's the company policy so tough luck.

Although the sum of money is £7 I feel that I have been robbed as the policy was not made clear to me before purchase, I explained this to Emma, but she refused to acknowledge my point.

On the issue of my complaint about Ben, Emma said she would deal with it, but it was a staff issue and she would not report back to me, I explained I had no confidence in her comment, she didn't seem to care why I had made the statement, so I asked her if she wanted any more information, or wanted to ask me anything else, she replied "No", I then explained the reason I had no confidence that she had taken any of my complaints seriously, was because I had alluded to a problem with Ben, I had not given any precise details yet, and as Emma had not asked, and did not want to ask for any, she could not possibly deal with the issue.

I also explained that as a gesture of good will, if I had received a refund, it would be the difference of me either being a satisfied customer or a dissatisfied customer, but still Emma stood her ground, and decided it was better to adhere to policy than have a satisfied customer, obviously not thinking of future client relations and potential purchases, I also explained some basic business principles to Emma that Comet Stores in oxford are sited next to Argos and Curry's Digital and these sell the same or similar product lines, therefore Comet will need to rely on good customer satisfaction and reputation as a unique selling point, but Emma still refused to acknowledge my point, my compliant or issue a refund.

At this point I asked for details so I could escalate the complaint.

After calling head office customer services and speaking to Charlotte, who took notes and placed me on hold while she called Emma to try and resolve the issue, also explaining that the store manager, Emma had final say on whether to issue a refund or not.

After a few minutes on hold, Charlotte Advised me that Emma would contact me regarding the complaint against Ben, but would still not issue a refund.

So far I have not heard back from Emma.

Charlotte advised me that the next course of action is to write a letter of complaint, so this is it, I am complaining about the way Comet staff have treated me from the point of purchase through to writing this letter.

In summary my issues are:

  • Not being made aware of Comet's returns policy prior to purchase
  • Staff not being sympathetic to a customer's opinion and views
  • Staff hiding behind company policy to avoid giving customer service and refusing to apply discretion.
  • Staff not actually listening the customer
  • Staff rudeness, causing embarrassment to myself and accompanying family members
  • The actual robbery of money under the guise of policy (I Feel I have been robbed)

I would like the opportunity to discuss this with a senior member of the Comet management team, I would also like to have an acknowledgement of this letter in writing to the above address.

In addition I would also like the remainder of my purchase (£7 restocking charge) refunded to my credit card.

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