Monday, February 15, 2010

The Next Day in The world of Comet

Well after getting no satisfactory answers from the store on Sunday, I though i would call the Store Manager and try to reason with her.

The Store Managers Names at Oxford is Emma King, what’s interesting here is when I asked the Sales Manager in store for his surname, he sited the Data Protection act prevented him from giving it to me, however he was happy to give me Emma’s.

Anyway, Here is the update

Monday (15/2/10) 11:37 - I Called the Store, Emma was busy so I left a message with someone called Mo, who will pass on my message to Emma.

Monday (15/2/10) 12:29 - Having still not had a call back from Emma, I called again, this time I spoke to Sean, who again advised me that Emma was busy, but he would pass on the message.

Monday (15/2/10) 12:54 – Still no call back, so once again I called and spoke to Mo, who advised that Emma Was still busy, however when Mo gave Emma my previous message, Emma was already aware of my complaint.

Monday (15/2/10) 13:18 – I received a call from Emma King at Comet Oxford. 
I explained my case again and expressed my dissatisfaction at how I had been treated, Emma Didn’t seem to concerned by this, but was rigid that she was going to stand by the company policy and not refund me the 10% re-stocking fee (this is £7, but it is the principle now).
Emma was also very keen to tell me that legally Comet don't even have to refund anything, so I should be grateful  (that I have been robbed in broad daylight) that I was only charged the 10%.

I also tried to complain about the way her staff had treated me, but she was so interested that she forgot to ask me any questions on that part of the complaint, so I challenged her and whether she was actually taking my complaint seriously, she said she was, but i doubted that based on the evidence.

I also tried to explain that £7 was the difference between a satisfied customer and a dissatisfied customer, but Emma was Adamant that I was not going to be treated any differently from the rest of the world and I was not getting my £7 back, so I asked if the rude treatment I received from here staff was normal and what everybody got, she could not answer that!.

It seems that as long as Comet fulfil the legal requirement, Customer satisfaction does not matter.

My next post will be detailing what happens when i call the head office to complain.

Bet you cant wait!

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